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Mobile Solar Pump

  • Have you ever thought of replacing your diesel pump?
    Are you concerned about CO2 and Green House Gases Emissions?
    Are you tired from fetching diesel or gasoline to your pump?
    Do you want to save money and preserve the environment?

    Our Mobile Solar Pump is your optimum alternative. This pump can irrigate your field at zero operating cost. No fuel, no lubricant and no maintenance are needed.
    This reliable system is easy to move, easy to operate and easy to store. A reliable system that can produce energy for more than 25 years and no harmful emissions.

    We have two models:
    1- pumps up to 60 m2 per hour
    2- pumps up to 120 m2 per hour

  • Mobile Solar Pump
    Mobile Solar Pump

  • You can irrigate your one acre at about 5 to 8 hours from surface water.
    You can save about 100 LE of fuel, lubricant and maintenance cost of irrigating one acre one time. This would save you about 3000 LE a year per acre.
    This system can irrigate up to 15 acre a month for the first model, 30 acre for the second mode.

    Are you still thinking?!

    Go Green, Go Clean, Go Solar

Mobile Solar Pump
Mobile Solar Pump

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